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Nothing happens in business until somebody sells something!

Do a quick Google search of this blog title and you’ll find a pretty big list of people claiming credit for it (well almost those exact words anyway).   One such individual, Arthur H ‘Red’ Mosely, first used a very similar slogan: ‘Nothing happens until something is sold’ way back in 1942 as the motto for his workforce, and his words have been repeated – with a few tweaks – many times since then. Even the great Henry Ford is reputed [...]


Old ways are sometimes the best….

The Old ways are sometimes the best. But not always! Let’s face it the days of “hard-sell” are long gone. (Good riddance.)  But the age old challenge remains. What’s the best way to keep in touch with prospects without alienating them completely? Creating a Sales Opportunity pipeline For more than 80% of sales, it takes more than 6 follow ups with a prospect before on boarding a new client. 48% of people involved in sales give up after their first follow up. Setting [...]