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Outsourcing telemarketing – yes or no?

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash Ask someone about telemarketing nowadays and they’ll likely look at you like they’re sucking on a lemon before saying something like: ‘Telemarketing? Picking up a phone and actually talk to someone you don’t know? Why would you do that when you can just send an email?’ They’ve got a point to be fair. Sending an email is easy. You can do it when it suits you and you’re not relying on someone passing on a [...]


Can the DIY approach work for telemarketing?

  Can you do it yourself with telemarketing? Copyright: kzenon / 123RF Stock Photo Doing it yourself is all well and good if you’re thinking about putting up a shelf or two, painting a wall or ceiling, building a small wall in your garden or laying a new patio. Most of us can learn the skills needed for these little jobs as we go along. When it comes to business, however, we’re always told to use experts when needed, and not try [...]