How we can help you

Get the Right Data

Get a list of companies to match your target customer profile.

Quality data equals better results.  And in the current climate it is important to stay on the right side of legislation – we make sure your data is TPS checked.  Maybe you’ve not commissioned an outbound lead generation campaign before – and buying data can be a minefield. Let us remove the the time and hassle.

As part of a client brief we provide clients with data samples – the result is better targeting and optimal results for your campaign. During the last 8 years we have designed numerous winning  campaigns across multiple sectors including; legal, security, local authorities, digital to name a few which means you can relax.

Think of us as your Director Of First Impressions.

List Building and Data Cleansing

Let us do the heavy lifting. We can quickly and cost effectively clean your old data base seeking out commercial quoting opportunities.  We’ll make make sure you’re GDPR and PECCR complaint too.

Why spend time seeking out new opportunities when we can help you convert low hanging fruit?

Convert Marketing Qualified Leads into Sales Qualified Leads

There is a big difference between another inbound enquiry and a sales qualified lead. A world of difference. Do you have leads in your data base that are not being nurtured? Today’s prospect is tomorrows client. But quick wins are a rarity. Winning new business is a process that takes time.

Is sales and selling considered a priority in your business?  If the answer if “yes” we’ll help you to put in place a robust contact management – following up on a consistent basis is the key to unlocking value in your data base over time.

Pipeline Management and Appointment Setting

80% of people who don’t buy now will make a purchasing decision in the next 18 months.  We help sales driven businesses to build rock-solid opportunity pipelines – and we nurture them through a light touch approach focussing on fully consenting – opted-in prospects – these are the sort of organisations who want and need the products and services you provide.

Never miss a sales opportunity ever again!

We use the best Customer Relationship Management  software (CRM) to proactively manage your campaign and to help us stay on top of warm opportunities – we can offer you fully integrated email marketing as part of your campaign.

Who exactly is your best customer?

  • Our expertise enables you to carefully segment your potential market
  • Identify specific groups receptive to your value proposition


Winning New Business

  • We start a conversation with your next customer
  • Build a healthy opportunity pipeline for 2021


Get in touch today. Let us show you how Intelligent Telemarketing can open doors for your organisation.