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Where did it go so wrong for this MD?

      Well, that’s the big question. (Following on from our last blog) So, who’s to blame for the failure of the salesperson to perform? Does the blame lie squarely at the door of the salesperson? Or should the MD shoulder some responsibility too? Our take? Well, in the time-honored tradition of disagreements it’s probably a bit of both. We’ve heard this story many times before sadly. And that’s why our business came into being in the first place – to provide a better, less risky alternative [...]


“I hired a salesperson and left him to get on with it.”

 ….the salutary tale of the MD who got their fingers burned.  The first day I said to him “crack on. I just want results. How you do it’s down to you”…and I left him left to his own initiative. He’s the sales expert, not me. He came across well at interview. The Agency was pushing him. So we made him an offer. It’s really down to him to justify my faith in him. He seems motivated and able. I’m expecting [...]