How to get more clients – hands free

How to get more clients – hands free

….this approach helped us to generate even more face-to-face meetings for a client of ours

It’ll work for you too – and here’s why …

You already know:

  • Nobody buys the first time you speak.
  • Most sellers give up too soon.

But what if you haven’t time to keep calling back?

Well, you could set up a system which does this for you, hands-free.

Here’s how in only three steps:

Step 1: Pre-qualify your prospect

Send an email before you call.

Brookson, an accountancy firm, did this.

Their email had a link to a free gift. One which related to their business solutions

Obviously,  prospects who clicked were far more likely to buy. So these were the ones they called first.

This simple trick boosted our results


Step 2: Re-target people who land on your page (I know, it seems obvious!)

Clearly, those who land on your page are your hottest prospects. Right?

So go after them again … and again … automatically ….whats stopping you?

Facebook, Google and LinkedIn can show your ads to people who’ve visited your landing page.

Now you’re only paying for the most qualified clicks. And you’re not lifting a finger.

You’ve invested good money on marketing so doesn’t it make sense wring every last drop of value from it?


Step 3: Find out when they renew

Often the problem isn’t lack of interest.

  It’s simply the wrong time for them to buy.  What we’ve learned over the years is a simple truth – following up properly is the key to marketing success   

Find out when they might be ready to look at what you do. And set an alert on your calendar and call them.

This has been so successful on our outbound b2b campaigns …it helps create a climate for warm telephone calling.

And this takes no special software, no extra marketing money and barely any effort.


Step 4:  Follow up

Just pick up the phone. Stay in touch!

Good selling …

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